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At San Bruno SKilled Nursing, we believe that family and friends play a critical role in our residents’ emotional and physical well-being. But, because of the significant risk posed by COVID-19 and our obligation to follow federal, state, and county health guidelines—keeping you connected with your loved ones has never been more challenging.

To address this challenge, we’ve added new ways to meet such as video chats and window visits. And, we’re committed to facilitating more visitation options while keeping everyone’s safety and well-being our top priority.

Visitation Guidelines During COVID-19

Video visits

Appointments must be made online, on our main page, for visitations due to the need to limit the number of visits per resident at one time and limit the total number of visitors in the facility at one time as per California Department of Health guidelines. To schedule, a video visit clicks the button below.

Window Visits

All visitors must be screened for fever and COVID-19 symptoms, wear appropriate facial covering at all times while in the facility. Visitors must check in at the reception area for appropriate screening and direction to the designated visitation area. For assistance coordinating a window visit, please click the button below.

Outdoor Patio Visit

To schedule, an outdoor patio visit, click the button below. For the safety of your loved ones and our team members, all visitors must adhere to the following guidance:
● Each visit will be scheduled for 30 minutes to allow visitation time for other visitors and residents.
● To comply with the 6-ft or more physical distance guidance, each visit will be one visitor per resident per visit.
● Visitors in Tier 1 (Purple) counties for fully vaccinated residents must test negative on a POC antigen or PCR test on a sample taken within the prior two days, regardless of the visitor's vaccination status.
● Please reach out to the facility to get updates of resident quarantine status if needed.
To schedule, a outdoor patio visit clicks the button below.

Indoor Visits

Fully vaccinated visitors of fully vaccinated residents may have brief, limited physical contact with the resident (e.g., a brief hug, holding hands, assisting with feeding or grooming)."If you have recently been vaccinated, please bring documentation so we can assist with making a copy for our records. To schedule an indoor visit, click the button below:

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